Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Tablers...and we are now sold out...you can contact us about a wait list.

So here's the list of zinesters and artists, who have signed up!
Help spread the word; if you have ideas, let us know.

Sophie Yanow and Kane Lynch
Kettle Stitch Kitsch
Laurel Tree Bindery
Red Forest Distro
Family Style
Chopsticks & Chocolate
Dolls & Monsters
Jose Angeles
Penny Skillman
Atom Magazine
Bay Area Artists Unite
Most Ancient
Thinkers Ink
Anarchy Magazine
Murder Can Be Fun
Chance Press
Rock Paper Scissors
Little Black Cart
John Bobst
Endless Canves
Jaime Crespo/Corn Tortilla Press
Zora Moniz
The Best We Could Do
Deth P Sun/Brendan Monrow
Sixteen Rivers Press
Raggedy Dog Illustration
Suck It Mussolini Comix
Tyler Cohen/Primazonia
Mission MiniComix
Frederick the Great
Brixton Key's Charlie Six
1984 Printing
Jen Oaks Illustration
Unpossible Cuts
Estrus Comics
Cosmic Brain Trust
Zebratron Friendship Association
Pm Press
Mystic World Press
The Littlest Elle
Manic D Press
Brooke Appler
Rad Dad

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Next meeting and tables going quickly!

Hello -- our next planning meeting is TOMORROW night between 7 and 8 pm to discuss tables, expansion, workshops and spreading the word!!
please come or send ideas suggestions. Also we are filling up fast!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Table Registration Officially Opens Sept 15th

Make Checks Out to Tomas Moniz

Space is limited! Here is the link to the Table Registration Form. Please fill out and mail in.

We have a limited number of full tables (approximately 5 feet) for 25 dollars. Half Tables are sliding scale 0-25. The goal is to have a diverse, exciting collection of tablers and, since we are starting now, to generate a large attending crowd.

But we also need your help and ideas. We are in the initial planning stages of the event. And are considering adding another room connected to the main atrium, perhaps a zine and comic variety show on the eve of the event, and perhaps an art or zine reading room that can serve a few different purposes. For those who attended the SF Zine fest, did the second room seem to work or not?

Our next planning meeting is going to be at Berkeley City College on Monday September 26th at 7pm.

If you’re interested, but cannot attend and would like to stay involved, please send an email to: ebapbookfair@gmail.com


Thanks again

Tomas Moniz
Brooke Appler
Tim Donnelly