Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EB Alternative Press Festival Sells Out (You Know What We Mean)

We have an amazing, diverse group of tablers for the East Bay Alternative Press Festival!!!. Unfortunately, we have no tables left. Help spread the word to all your holiday shoppers...

Confirmed Tablers

Phantom Kangaroo
Anarchy Magazine
Susie Cagle
Erika Donald
Poetry Flash
Sophie Yanow/Kane Lynch
1984 Printing
Ardent Press
Jen Oaks Illustration
PM Press
Strangest story ever told
Silvia Chenault & The Recycling Ethic
The Littlest Elle
Kate Saturday's Confounded Contraption
Murder Cam Be Fun
Jose Gabriel Angeles
FUNGIfolio (a calendar of mushrooms)
Frederick the Great: A Most Lamentable Comedy
Functionally Ill and Friends
Most Gross
Petals and Bones
Endless Canvas
Rock Paper Scissors
Chintz and Friends
Soyfucker Comics
Crumblediamonds: Show Prints and Posters
Sparkplug Comic Books
Chance Press
Agent Agnes
Hannah Stouffer
Family Style
Dead fish graphics
Elena Lopez Photography
Little Black Cart
Rad Dad Zine
Full of Crow
Primazonia & Mars 1
Miliva Street Journal
Boarding All Rows
Force of Nature


  1. Yay, I,m confirmed!!!!

  2. Hey! I'm from the only reporting art and culture publication on the UC Berkeley campus. We are a zine called Connect the Dots. How can we get information on your group? Who should I contact?

  3. Thanks for putting that together. I like dropping a little money on artists, poets, and micropublishers. (They're cute, too.)